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Rockstead Law, LLC

A solid footing in litigation.

When it comes to legal matters, there are some hard truths. 

Lawsuits can be expensive.  They are rarely easy. 

If going to court is unavoidable, it’s critical to know in advance the range of likely real-world outcomes.  It can be costly to proceed based on wishful thinking.

When Rockstead Law assesses a legal problem, it is based on 25 years of experience representing clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to working families.

For more information about potential legal representation, you may contact us at   Please note that submission of an email message does not commence an attorney-client relationship.  Rockstead Law only represent clients whom Rockstead Law has formally agreed to represent in a written retainer agreement signed by a representative of Rockstead Law. 

If, after reviewing your submission, we believe that we may be able to assist you, we will make every effort to respond within three business days to obtain more information.  

Rockstead Law supports principles of non-discrimination, equity and inclusion in the legal profession and in our society as a whole.

This is an advertisement. Nothing on this page constitutes or should be interpreted as legal advice.

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